Baby Business

A mini-game about taking care of babies for iOS

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It's baby overload at the factory. You'll need to help out by taking care of these babies as fast as you can, but be careful. Mess up three times and you're fired!
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Fun fast-paced gameplay

Score as many points as you can in one minute. Each baby needs just the right amount of care, but too much and you'll upset them. Make them happy to earn points. Otherwise, you'll get a strike and lose points.

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Easily learn how to play

The doctor will teach you how to take care of these babies with an easy-to-follow in-game tutorial. Learn the basics of the gameplay, how to take care of each baby, and how to score bonuses.

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Race against the bonus timer

To earn a bonus take care of the babies without messing up before the bonus timer runs out. You'll earn one of three bonuses to help increase your score: +5 points, -1 strike, or +3 seconds!

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Compete for the best score

Try to earn the most points before the game timer ends, and compete against your friends and family for the best score.